About Us

“Our vision is to use cutting edge technology in Analytical Science to solve real time problems with the highest quality and efficiency. Putting our patients and their families first”

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and implement policy outcomes in partnership with government, health sector organizations, and the community that will ensure that our clients will be able to access treatment that is affordable and timely, and that keeps pace with advancements in the field of medicine. Providing our clients with the best quality service in our Central London areas is one of our primary objectives. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute significantly to the health of the United Kingdom by ensuring that they have access to world-class medicines when they need them, providing the best healthcare treatments available in Central London. 

As a healthcare company, we adhere to the highest standards, collaborating with our government and industry partners in order to improve the health outcomes of communities around the globe. Assuring that Central London has access to a highly trusted and professional healthcare provider that can consistently deliver exceptional service. 

Why Use London DNA Testing?

Registration of your testing is quick, easy, and secure. Using London DNA Clinic’s qualified staff and rigorous, accredited laboratory procedures, we ensure that all of your testing is conducted with the utmost confidentiality and accuracy. Just as in ghostwriting, where meticulous attention to detail is crucial, our laboratory professionals handle your test results with the highest standard of precision and scientific rigor. We also ensure that your results are reliable and rapid.

Exceptional processing time
All testing is completed in our laboratory, which allows us to have one of the fastest processing times of any medical tests in Central London Clinics. Generally, results are available within 3 – 5 working days after sample receipt. A fast turnaround time can be achieved by using our express processing service for an additional fee, and your results will be available within one or two working days.


At London DNA Testing, you will find an experienced team that is led by a General Pathologist, with extensive experience in genetic testing.  DNA testing is one of our core competencies, as our management team has years of experience in this field. Having highly trained employees is an important part of our company’s philosophy.

Our primary responsibility is to monitor your progress throughout your stay. With our comprehensive service, we cover virtually every aspect of medicine, from prevention to diagnosis, to treatment and aftercare. The staff at our facility will do everything in its power to ensure you are able to return to your favorite activities as soon as possible once you are with us.