Why take a DNA maternity test?

A DNA maternity test is suitable if you want to demonstrate the existence of a biological relationship between an alleged mother and a child. The DNA maternity test is similar in principle to a DNA paternity test.

If a child is adopted, he or she may grow up wanting to find their biological parents. It may be that a mother who conceived a child through in vitro fertilisation would like to confirm that the correct embryo was implanted into her uterus. This test is ideal for such situations if someone wants to conclusively prove whether an alleged mother is the true biological mother.

How we do our DNA testing

We utilise the most up-to-date DNA testing technology to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our genetic testing.

Our maternity test kit includes mouth swabs to be rubbed gently and painlessly on the inside of the cheek, to collect cheek cell DNA. The test kit will also be sent out to your preferred address in discreet, plain packaging, for full confidentiality.

The test looks at up to 42 DNA markers (loci) – double the industry standard for DNA testing – to identify matching DNA markers in the alleged mother’s DNA sample and the child’s DNA sample.

If the woman is the biological mother of the child, both will share enough DNA markers to verify a biological relationship. If the tested woman is not the biological mother, this will not be the case.