London DNA Clinic

Types of DNA tests

All of the DNA tests we offer meet international quality (ISO 17025) and legal standards, and are accredited by the Ministry of Justice for court-directed section 20 tests. Please call us for a competitive quotation.

Parentage (including birth certificate changes)

Paternity or maternity, including antenatal tests using chorionic villus samples or amniotic fluid – these reports can also be used for surrogacy cases.

Immigration cases

When DNA tests are used to support a claimed relationship, meeting the requirements of the Home Office UK Border Agency. We can also arrange sampling in our worldwide clinics and overseas embassies.

Complex relationships

When trying to establish close relationships other than parent and child.

Y-chromosome tests

To help establish a direct paternal link between males – useful for genealogy, or when a putative father is deceased.

Mitochondrial DNA tests

To help establish a direct maternal link – useful for genealogy, in cases where a female relative is deceased, or to examine ancient DNA.

DNA sampling

A mouth swab or blood sample are the usual materials provided for testing. Contact us to make an appointment in our clinic.

DNA sampling kits (provided free of charge)

If you do not wish to attend our clinic, call with the contact details of a registered medical practitioner or registered nurse who has agreed to take your samples.