Concern: Nonprofits often are operating on a limited budget and are unable to invest in software for managing boards. Some boards believe that a digital system would be unnecessary because their organization does not generate income or profit, but rather is focused on a social cause. Nonprofit boards should consider the advantages of a powerful portal to simplify their meeting process and enhance communication.

Top software for managing nonprofit boards has a range of features that help you to schedule and organise meetings, create and distribute board packs and conduct live meetings. Directors can make notes or annotations prior to the meeting. Board meetings can also be recorded with audio and video. They can also sync their calendars and use the platform for collaboration on tasks. The best portals also include security features to safeguard information from theft and breaches. Govenda offers remote wiping and permanent purging, ensuring that sensitive information is not lost if a device is stolen or lost or if a board member leaves.

Furthermore, a reliable board portal for nonprofits allows users to use the platform via any browser and any device, including mobile. It also integrates with other popular tools like videoconferencing apps and digital signature providers to strengthen engagement. Some of them provide 24/7 customer service without waiting in queues.

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