Why take a Single DNA Genetic Profile Test?

DNA contains each person’s unique genetic code. As well as being an accurate way of proving biological relationships, DNA profiling is becomingly increasingly popular for individual use.

The information contained within a single DNA genetic profile Technical Data Sheet specifies which alleles are present at which short tandem repeat (STR) loci.

AlphaBiolabs examines up to 42 STR markers (loci) in each DNA profile. Having such unique information can be useful for comparison with friends and family. In addition, some people use their genetic profile to create an exclusive piece of art, which they display in their home or place of work.

It also makes a novel gift. A single DNA genetic profile of a new baby, for example, makes a unique present for parents and relatives. As only cheek cells are needed, the DNA sample can be collected quickly and easily using a simple cheek swab.

Having a single DNA profile test is also important if you are planning to work in high risk areas or in an occupation that may be deemed dangerous. In the event of an accident, having your DNA profile already documented may make body identification easier and your profile is available for paternity or maternity testing if required.

Please be aware that this test is for peace of mind only. This means that the results of the test are purely for your own information, and cannot be used in legal proceedings. If you require a DNA test for legal matters, you will need to request a quote for a legal DNA test