Toothbrush DNA testing service from a laboratory you can trust

London Medical Testing in-house DNA scientists have undertaken viability studies to prove that used toothbrushes can be a good source of DNA.

The method of brushing and type of toothpaste used has no effect on the results. Simply send us your used toothbrush and if we can get a DNA profile, we can perform a DNA relationship test in the usual way (fee applies).

When the toothbrushes arrive at our laboratory, the first step is to extract the DNA from the toothbrush.

If a profile can be retrieved, the toothbrush DNA will be analysed for up to 42 DNA Short Tandem Repeats (STR) markers. If a DNA profile cannot be retrieved from the toothbrush, we will contact you and arrange to return the cost of the DNA relationship test. A refund will not be possible for the laboratory work already undertaken for the viability study on the toothbrush.

Discreet DNA sampling method

The usual method of sample collection for an London Medical Testing DNA test is to rub a swab on the inside of the donor’s cheek to collect cheek (buccal) cells. The DNA is then extracted from the cells when the swabs are returned to the laboratory for testing.

A major advantage of the toothbrush DNA test is that samples can be collected in a subtle manner. For example, children don’t need to be made aware that a test is being undertaken.

All you need to do is simply send in their regular used toothbrush. Such a discreet method may be particularly beneficial in the case of a paternity dispute, for example, where using a swab on older children could lead to awkward questions.